and here is where i learn

and here is where I learn

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I want to get more infomation out about the situation in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, there is a revolution happening. it first started when the president Yanukovych decided to call off the trade plan with the EU, to be closer with Russia. The people started protesting, which was peaceful at first although after weeks something set that off, it is not really sure who threw the first “punch”, stone or police stick, but it wasn’t nice after that. police using tear gas, flash bombs and shot guns that were used with “rubber” bullets, Even shooting at personnel that clearly stated that they were medical helpers. While protesters throwing rocks and sometimes fire bombs.

many people died since it’s beginning in november, the majority killed were those of protesters, basically the people of Ukraine are fighting for a new government and their human rights. 

Today on Tuesday, 18th, 2014, the berkut (Ukraine’s secret police) stormed the protestors barricades and killed at least 4 people in the process. ( )

here is some links for more information and videos:

Medic being shot:

Unmarked riot policeman shooting at protesters:

Ukraine Euro-Maiden english commentary:

English facebook:

Youtube channel:

 The people of U.S are asking the president to send in peacekeepers, but Russia says that they will intervene if the U.S becomes involved by supplying aid to the protestors.(although it is widely said that they, Russians, are already intervening with the protests)

Truthfully, this event is terrifying and i am not capable of typing everything that has happened. It is best to do your own research.

if anyone has anymore information please add?

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why did i cut my hair short?

because, when i was assaulted, that was all they kept on saying “you’re hair is beautiful”

why did i start dressing like a man?

because i don’t want to be hurt or targeted.

why was i a victim and blamed?

because i was a women.

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after getting a concussion and a fractured hand, i feel pretty good.

in other news~ i am piercing my ear, to make a vow, the vow is to save up money to go to Ireland with sarahh

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well, i am over at a friends house and her roommates are really terrifying. The tense situation here is really thick.

and they are taking it out on the women of the house, which is making me angry, they do nothing and then complain about everything. only doing things to gain something later on.